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As I look to learn more of God in scripture I come to discover that his character is unchanging. That there is no more room for Him to be loving, compassionate, patient, and graceful. It is in the very core of God this unchanging and undying reality that many find comfort and rest.

Yet for his steadfast and consistency everywhere I look God demands that we continually be changed, humbled, and transformed. This world will never be made perfect, and I will be changing for all eternity with His character as the trajectory which I am to, every so slowly, step into.

To be there is nothing more beautiful than this messy and demanding process. For I do not believe love to be easy, hope to be free of duty, or grace to be easy to accept. For I find myself standing on my own path, fighting myself so that I can live into everything that God has before me.

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Prayer flags at the Annapurna Basecamp

Church is not the goal. To journey and be transformed is.  As a pastor my heart beats so that others may have their own intimate and exciting experiences with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

For the church to facilitate this,  we need to see ourselves as the base camp of life. Where we prepare others for adventure, and expect that when they return they will be different. Different and embraced. Life is to short, and God to big for us to believe that have arrived.


How to say 'no' well for Churches, Ministries, Missional Communities, and missionaries.

If your purpose is to keep your ministry focused, the most important phrase you can master is ‘no’.

Make no mistake, mastery is required. We have been trained that to be told ‘no’ means that one was wrong. Yet focus is often not lost by following things that are wrong, but by following good things that un-willfully extend our purpose.

One of the difficulties in being missional is staying focused. Your community may attract people whose ideas have been passed over in a more institutionalized church. The question to investigate with them is, ‘How might your passion for ________ help God fulfill the purpose laid our for our community?’

The key is to invite them into the discernment process, chances are God will use their passion in your community. If not, then God has likely been already revealing this to them.

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People thrive within the boundaries they construct to understand the chaos and confusion that is the life around them. As Christians we are no different, but with the thrust to interpret divine reality our constructed realities easily become self-serving, vicious, and abusive.

One of our most critical jobs is to dissect how and why we’ve constructed our world with the hope that we might be able to see through our protective cocoon to a reality that is often dark, cold, and hard to grasp. Reality is a fickle friend who smiles upon us while scheming our demise. This is my world, and my need for hope.

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