A Letter to You…

Well I’ve been meaning to write this for some time now, my friend Katie B did this while back and it was a really awesome idea (writing a quick little something about/to the people you’ve dated) and I finally sat down and wrote it out. Yea I know it’s long (and sorry if I forgot you) ~paul

Tara: You were the first girl who ever held my heart, the girl who goes down as my first love. At the time we were so young and I never thought I could care for someone like I did for you. Even through the stuff I was personally battling you were there for me, if you knew it or not. You’re who I measure everyone I meet up against. If it weren’t for you I would not be the person I am today. Thank you sooo much, and don’t forget that you can do anything you put your mind to, like sing and dance…!!!!

Sar: Keep wearing your faith on your sleeve. I’ve learned so much from you about faith and what it looks like. Things didn’t go the best between us when we tried the dating thing. You’re one of the friends I hold closest, there aren’t many people from HS who I feel remotely comfortable talking about my faith with, and who truly understands me and lifts me back up like you still do. God bless you and I’m so excited for you finally finding your place at st. kates!!

Andrea: Against my better judgment I dated you, you taught me a lot about myself and where my morals are. To date you are also the only girl to ever cheat on me (that I know for a fact). I hope that your friend was able to help pull you through – wherever you are now.

Katie: Whenever we were able to spend time together you kept me constantly amazing. Looking back I just remember this calm confidence you held that I was in awe of. Even then you were so brilliant and your writing of late has inspired me (thank you so much for getting back in touch with me!! Just the idea of this entry I got from you.. so if you think it’s stupid- yea, not my idea, haha). Stay true to yourself and the right guy will come along who won’t make you walk across campus to brake up with him, or leave you without reason like I did. God has someone equally amazing and beautiful waiting in the wings for you.

Nicole: You showed me parts of myself that I was avoiding, parts of people that I was ignorant too. Not because I didn’t see it but rather because I didn’t want to. You cared for me and helped me learn to care for everyone

Danger: I don’t know if we ever really dated or not, but you had the most beautiful eyes. Where ever you are, I hope you are still out riding and being who you are.

Jessica: I owe so much to you, when no one else understood me you were right there to relate with. I wish so much that life hadn’t taken such a hard turn for you, that you would find God’s grace and strength to pull through it and be the person you’ve dreamed of with Yoga on Tuesdays and cooking classes Wednesdays. I wish that we hadn’t fallen apart as we did, that things could have ended better between us and that you would know I didn’t hate you, that I am still here 24/7 and care for you. I hope life is kind to you through college, I don’t know of anyone who would deserve it more.

Anne: You still draw eyes better then me. As you’re wrapping up senior year I hope that life is starting to make more sense. That you can feel God’s presence in your life and take heed to his guidance, don’t worry about trying to find ‘that guy’ because when the time comes they will line up around the block for you, will only take a flash of your smile and a few minutes around you to realize how amazing you are. I wish I hadn?t slide back into my depression when we started dating, that I could have gotten to know you better. If you ever read this please say hello.

Stacey: I know we saw our relationship differently, that’s cool, I wish we could still talk without it feeling uneasy/awkward. Last summer you changed all my ideas of what a girlfriend could be, you were intellectual, witty, sweet, beautiful and inspiring. I meant every word I ever told/wrote you no matter if you felt undeserving or deceiving. My biggest regrets are not having more time to talk with you about life before things faded off, and the way I treated my emotions after we broke up. I hope Chicago is everything you dreamt it to be and more, you deserve it.

Laura B: You were one of the first people to catch my eye at school. There is something that you radiate that is so beautiful. I wish that you hadn’t/wouldn’t be so hard on yourself and hope that when you look into the mirror you can see what I see in you. I’m sorry we were in different places in our lives and that I wasn’t able to see that when I should have. You were one of the first girls I’ve dated who really put Christianity first in a relationship, sorry if at times I was abrasive over it, I just longed to understand more about it. You convicted me and I am a different person today because of you, I hope that we can stay friends and I hope you realize that I am here for you. If it is just down the hall or if it is across the phone.

Take care and God bless,