Awesome Weekend

Wow so that was an amazing weekend with the guys. From just hanging out to playing one of the best games of capture the flag I?d ever been a part of. So I have a bruse under my left arm, my left hand is pretty scratched up from jumping down a hill to get into the trees (yea, didn?t realize there was a hill there…) and the scratch under my left eye. As you could probably notice a pattern there, the left side of my body. I guess I just put that part of me first when I?m running into something or someone. Nothing to serious and will actually be all better in a couple days.

I?m sure I have more to write about but my mind is drawing a blank right now. Josh you rock, I?m so excited that you came. Haven?t had that good of a time away with just guys in a long time. Below is a little something I read in TNR (the new republic) today that I found really exciting.

?In the third century B.C.E., Ptolemy Philadelphus, ruler of Alexandria, Egypt’s most Hellenized and sophisticated city, determined that a Greek rendering of the Torah should be included in the Great Library of that famed metropolis. To that end, he sent lavish gifts to Eleazar, the high priest of the Temple in Jerusalem, who reciprocated by dispatching to Alexandria seventy-two sages, six from each of the twelve biblical tribes, to begin the work of translation. Ptolemy greeted the visitors with a banquet lasting seven days, after which they were taken to the island of Pharos. Here each man was shut up in his own cell, in strictest seclusion, each toiling separately over the Hebrew original, in order to perfect its transcription into the lingua franca of the age. Seventy days later, when the scribes emerged from their labors, it was revealed that the seventy-two individually calculated translations were identical, each to the other, varying not by a jot or a tittle. Hence the name Septuagint (meaning seventy), immemorially given to the miraculous Greek text: a book divine in its essence, and thereby divine in its production. When heaven has a hand in translation, it is bound to be immaculate. God, who is One, sees to the oneness–the indivisibility–of His word. Many scribes, but one authentic Voice.? –Cynthia Ozick of TNR

Keep living for Christ!