Closing a Chapter of My Life – Midwest Skier

For Immediate Release
4/27/04 15:13:10 CST

Paul Prins Steps Down From Midwest Skier

I, Paul Prins, am here by stepping down with my position at Midwest Skier. The website may be updated for next season, however I am now off the staff, and will not actively pursue event coverage/promotion/production.

The Midwest Skier Open has been postponed until further notice; any attempt to hold this event will result in legal action.

The website will now be maintained completely by the users/supporters of Midwest Skier. A section will be added allowing you to make donations, all website costs must be covered by donations. All print work and logos will be made public domain, allowing users to create/print/distribute the promotional material/s.

Paul Prins had this to say.

“I’ve had a blast and learned a ton throughout the years with Midwest Skier, the videos and events. From the bottom of my heart I thanks those of you who have stood by my side and supported me.

“Over the next few years I will be doing international mission work, my university studies, and pursuing the will God has for me. The need and desire I had towards skiing has diminished and it is time for me to move on and pursue lifelong and career building objectives with my true passions; God, photography, writing, serving, and production.

“Again I want to say thank you to those of you who shared in my vision for the scene in the Midwest. One can only hope that in time it shall come true.”

We wish him the best in his future ventures, he will be sorely missed. If you wish to attain contact information from Paul please respond to this message.

Here I find myself

My time has come to move on from what I’ve known for so long. God is calling me to do things out of my capacity to understand and I must be ready and willing to accept what he has coming with open arms and legs ready to run. This was the first step, part of me wonders how I will change now that I’m unattached to something as massive and weighty as Midwest Skier, my heart is feeling so unburdened from this. I am finally able to relax and enjoy serving others and not worried about needing to do something for work. For the first time, in a very long time, I can sit down and read the bible and not feel rushed, I’m able to enjoy fellowship with people I love and not feel an obligation to do a certain amount of work a week.


This has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to come to in a very long time. Midwest Skier has sustained me in very difficult times and not without it, well things will be very different. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to go skiing without needing to worry about people recognizing me. Hopefully I’m not forgotten, I know it’s stupid but I just wish I had gotten more recognition for everything that I did, spending thousands of hours (easily in excess of 5000+ hours) over the past four years, I just wish that people would have said thank you more often and been more encouraging/supportive. This is right though, this is the right time and the right avenue to leave. I have to explore other facets of my life, need to discover more about myself and develop those skills further.

I’m sorry for those who feel like I’m leaving you high and dry, or who don’t understand the reason that I’ve gone about all this, the reasoning behind leaving four+ years of grueling work (even if I down played it while I was doing it, I worked harder then anyone will ever know) and a guaranteed position in the ski industry for something you may see as petty or not even true. I then ask you to look into my character and ask yourself again, if I would give up my identity (paul the skier) for something that I didn’t know with every ounce of my being was true and worth giving my life (my body, soul, ambition and dreams) for.

You’re prayers for my comfort and assurance are very much appreciated.

May God bless your heart,