Feels like Christmas Eve

So here I’m sitting around 11:30pm and I can sense that I’m tied, I feel it in the way my body rests in this chair and how my fingers are sluggishly depressing the keys in front of me to write this, yet my mind is completely contrary. Running a million thoughts a moment as if nothing in the world will ever slow it down or could even stand in it’s way.

To say that it is a combination of things would be irrational of me. While I have had a lot going on today, that simply doesn’t go to explain this internally perpetual motion. Knowing that I only have such a brief span of time until I get to see her again. I hope this doesn’t come off as creepy, I’m just excited to have met someone as down to earth as her. The more I sit here and think about it the more I feel I should stop this entry here. so I can go and pretend to sleep and delay tomorrow until it is today.

Or wander off into the distance hoping to make the moment stay before it’s gone.

Take care and God bless,