Hard Words from a Skeptic

I’ve been long since skeptical of the catholic church and their desire to see authentic, real, and genuine Christianity spurred across the world in light of the pending return of Christ. While I am still skeptical, I was very much excited by the recent words of Pope Benedict. My only fear is that the Christian bubble which the pope rests has blinded him from so much reality and heartbreak. Europe is lost from Christ. While he describes Europe moderately well in saying that “many Christian things occur, but there is also a great fatigue, and we are so concerned with structural questions that the zest and the joy of faith are missing.” (D’emillio, AP).

The lack of divine pathos is astounding in reference to a continent that is quickly becoming an Islamic state that will turn around and punish Christians, much like the Europe of old did. The gifts of God must be used to forcefully advance the kingdom of God. Only after we are boldly proclaiming His message of salvation will the miracles begin once again, only then will the world which is about to fall apart lay gripped and transfixed on a God who has never left those with turned backs and arrogant shoulders. Lord I pray that not only would the Catholic church boldly proclaim the Gospel of Christ but that all Christians would stand up, embrace and eagerly desire the gifts of the spirit (prophesy, foreign tongues, healing) as shown in the book of Acts. I only ask who would lead the charge, the change, and the humility to share his understanding. Time will tell.

AP Article on the Pontiffs trip to Europe

Do not delay yourself, cry out for the faith to change the world in your friends and self. For we can only live according to the faith we’ve been given.

God bless!