I sit here, across the state line, hearing bits and fragments of words and statements. Only piecing together news I wish I wouldn’t here but am drawn into hearing more. Wishing it was a few days prior and I could be there. If only to stand and show I’m here, to have taken the moment my heart told me too, for you. Instead of sitting here so drained and pained from the words I hear, of you.

Now I’m constrained and sitting here with a heart swollen with love for you, of which you’ve felt so little of late. I’m late, but never has not yet arrived. If I could have, would have, should have done something better than I did or rather didn’t do. Arms unable to reach out to you from this foreign room and unable to comfort you in your foreign place. To help you grasp and understand the unvisited recesses of your mind.

Instead I sit here wondering, hoping, praying, and listening for words of how you are. Knowing in my heart it will work out, with a mind slow to follow I worry, sitting here wondering, hoping, praying and feeling helpless.

Take care and God Bless,