In the wake of a Hurricane

Oh Lord, what can one do
in the presence of your wrath.
Nature coupled with death
It is your will and I am lost
words stripped from my mouth
Full of hurt and despair for those
destined to be destroyed with the rise of the sun
to the storm of your calling.

“There is pain in my heart
their ignorance of my presence.
I will be known in this age
and those who know me will fear me.
For out of love I desire them
to call my name and pray
to draw nearer to me.
There is greater pain coming
disaster that will surpass your compassion
but it is never past mine,”
declares the Lord.

“My children listen,
who is it who speaks on my behalf,
the prophets or the scholars?
Yet you listen to those without authority.
Do not push away the prophets
or you will be like the unbelieving
in the days to come.
I have called Paul and others
to bring you messages,
to right your behavior,
to correct your misunderstanding,
to increase your righteousness,
and to remind you of your loyalties.”

“Are you not first citizens of my kingdom?
Yet you wave flags, shout, and devote
yourselves to where I placed you.
You are Christians above all,
do not let the temptress persuade you
into making my word worldly.
My word is before and after time, are you?
Are your games and arguments?
Only those with whom My love is shared
will be after time.
Arguments rage in your cities and on your hills
over their disbelief and your lack of faith.
Who elected the governing to govern?
For it was not the people, it was I,”
says the Lord.

My Lord and my savior, how shall we live?
Against you we stand so small
unable to live that you might receive glory.

“Do as your were commanded by My son,
Christ came that you may have life,
that you may bring me glory.
Your minds race to bring me more,
yet that is not what I asked of you.
Obey that which has been given you,
stand firm in the Spirit and let them watch.
Fools run for me, the humiliated walk with me.
The latter increase my glory and kingdom.
While fools yell boasts off sugary lips
from hardened hearts,”
responds the Lord Almighty.