Line in the Sand

Everyday there is a greater mark being made in our country. A larger gap is being formed between Christians and the rest of the secular society. People have called this a Christian country and it is was. Today it is far from that, we were founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and views that have been stretched so far that the constitutional amendment that was meant to keep one Christian denomination from becoming the national religion has allowed for ten commandments monuments to be taken down all around the country. Gay marriage will be a reality within the next ten years at a national level. Christian groups are being excluded from public schools and the morals that are taught in the bible are being taken with a grain of salt rather then heart. The divide is obvious and growing.

The day will come when Christianity is once again what it was meant to be, counter-culture. People say that Jesus was the ultimate liberal because he went against every teaching of the time, they miss the fact that Christ lives in those who accept Him into their hearts. God has sustained our country for years, through wars and stumbles. The United States is leaving that which has kept us safe for over two centuries. We used to be a God fearing and loving country, a people that God had obvious favor for on earth. He blesses us to be able to reach the world for Him and we didn?t and now the tide is turning. Now Christ looks down upon an American people who are because they feel. They feel it?s OK so it is, they feel hurt so that isn?t. Having sex and doing drugs feels good so it?s fine. Condemning homosexuality hurts their feelings so that?s wrong. Christ said where His people should stand, it?s in His book. Our country is no longer Christian, welcome to the century of the Secular America.

(Interesting how China is becoming the worlds super power and they are currently having the fastest growing rate of Christianity in the world, tens of thousands coming to Christ everyday. Not implying anything here, wait, yes I am. Interesting how 9/11 has been such a catalyst in this change in America, dividing our country so quickly)

There are so many things that the secular people of this world can?t understand, they can?t understand where the world is heading. They only see earthly equality as something to be attained, and then there will be peace. Before Christ we are all equal, we all have rolls in His family as brothers and sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is, those of us who have accepted the invitation into his family and not turned away from Him. Christ calls us to wrestle in prayer for laborers and for His kingdom to come and be realized on earth. As a Christian you are called to something more, it up to you if you ever respond to His calling on your life.

I?m not writing this as some theological scholar or historical professor. Only as one of the people who have responded to His call, sees the line in the sand, and stands daily in the battle fields others don?t admit exist in their hearts. Daily the trenches are dug deeper into the earth, people are switching sides, people are running into His arms. I write this as one of the few left standing and running to those who desire to know Him. I write this as one of the few who sees the world for what it is, not what they tell you it is.

The line is being drawn in the sand as we speak. It?s getting deeper each and everyday. My brothers and sisters please rise up, please. He needs you, God needs you now.