Maybe this is Right

It’s kind of weird for me to think about. For the past few years I’ve been one to give advice to my friends and be there to listen to them. One re-occurring subject that came up revolved around dating and trying to find that right person and I would always say the same thing, “Once you stop looking you’ll find him/her”. I should have known that the same would have applied for me.
Over the past several months I’ve spent my down time looking for someone who might be interested in starting up some kind of relationship to no avail. Within a few weeks of graduation I decided it wasn’t worth my time and all but gave up on the idea until I land in Menomonie this fall. Now, every time that I have done that (stopped looking) it seems like I find this amazing girl who makes me want to go against my prior decision to either take a break from dating or in this case, wait till this fall.
I can’t say that I know a lot about her since I met her a whole eleven days ago when she came with laura to my graduation open house. However there is something there that just feels right and I’m not quite sure what it is. Maybe we both are looking for something similar and that is our underlying similarity or it could be more. Needless to say she is someone that I’m very interested in learning more about and want to get to know her better.
Alas I’ve been rambling on for a while here and I should really finish up before everyone comes back from lunch and I need to get back to work. (I’m helping out with the Best Practices workshop at EPHS wed-fri). I also need to start posting on here more and more. Goal for the next week is to post at least once a day.

Take Care and God Bless~paul prins