My new KID!!!

So I haven’t really filled anyone in on what happened to Oscar Perez Calix, my sponsor child down in Honduras. It turns out that his mother had lied about some information to get him into the program, what I am not sure. When confronted she apparently got upset and withdrew Oscar from the program. I was heartbroken by that because I was really starting to get to know him better. Although it is better that it happened sooner then later, when I became truly attached to him.

Present Day, I got a packet in the mail from Compassion International with another kid. Needless to say that made my week, which to that point has been rather dismal. He’s such a rad guy. His name is Marlon David Castillo Perez and lives in Honduras as well. He’s seven right now and his either birthday is next month. He lives at home with his sister, who runs the household. I’m not sure where his parents are in the picture, removed or past on. He likes swimming, art, and playing ball games. I really don’t know much more then that. I’m writing him today and hopefully I’ll hear back before school, but probably wont since that is coming up pretty quickly and I can’t imagine mail moves to fast down there.

Plus Marlon has longer hair like me. I would strongly suggest to anyone who reads this to sign up to sponsor a kid, it’s only $28 a month and he or she’ll get so much.

Take care and may God bless you,