Our Weakness

In general I’ve always felt ashamed of my weakness, it was the reason my eyes lit up the first time I heard the phrase Renaissance Man. He was what I desired to be, a man without weakness, adequately versed in every area. This however is exactly contrary to how God desires to use us. Throughout the bible God uses our weaknesses for His Glory, His Kingdom, and His purposes. Moses was a stuttering fool who was to approach the most powerful ruler and demand he release thousands of slaves… Even the apostle Paul, who was intelligent and respected as a Jew, needed to forget everything He once knew, and pointed to that as a sign of his conversion, and the power of God.

God uses us in our weaknesses and inadequacies. Not because of them, not to make us more whole, but so that we know it is God. To humble us and cause us to dance through the streets screaming praise to the name Jesus.