State Fair Food!

Yesterday Jordan and I went to the statefair and had our share of food and free stuff. This is the food post. Below are thumbnails that link to full size pictures of everything we at at the fair. It was her first time at the fair and she loved it, and now understands why I got so excited about going!

Breakfast BurettoPronto PupSalmon on a stick!Elk Burger w/ Cheese
Carmal Apples with NutsHawaiian Shaved Ice with Dream Sicle flavaGiant PickleChocolate Scone
LemonaidMini Donuts1919 Draft Root BeerAlligator on a stick!
Corn on the cob!Cotton Candy!Bucket O' Cookies!Milk

From top to bottom they are; Breakfast Burieto, Pronto Pup, Salmon on a stick, Elk Burger, Carmal Apple with Nuts, Shaved Ice, Giant Pickle on a stick, Chocolate Scone w/ Frosting, Lemonaid, Mini Donuts, 1919 Draft Root Beer, Aligator on a stick, Corn on the Cob, Cotton Candy (on a stick), Cookies, and Milk (all you can drink for $1).

Overall our favorite was the Corn on the Cob, but the cookies and milk were a very close second. I mean, is not this next shot a picture of what a little bit of heaven will be like?

Ummm, awesome!!

It runs through monday, so if you can still make it go for it!! There is much goodness to be had, and a lot of free bags.