Theological Musings of the Moment

Seminary is almost done! It has been an extremely enriching time for me as few are granted the opportunity to set much of life aside to look into theology, history, missiology, and the scriptures for three years. There has been a lot that I have learned about: contextual theology, evolutionary theology, preaching, contextual theology/indigenous churches, and much more.

This isn’t a note directly about those things, but about the things I am currently musing over. These are the three that I think of as I walk to and from work, drive to class, and just let percolate in my mind.

Transition into Post-Modernity

There has not been a shift in thinking like we are currently experiencing since the enlightenment. I believe this shift is accelerating due to the prevalence of information around us that forces everyone to be their own information gatekeeper (what they accept/reject and why). Many leaders in the church today condemn this way of thinking with a straw man argument (“They absolutely do not believe in absolutes”) creating a very hostile environment for leaders and believers alike.

  • How can we graciously accept and grieve what the Church will lose with the passing of modernity (emphasis on church authority, notion that all things are knowable with proper technique, that we can know the mind of God, et al).
  • How can we communicate the blessings of post-modernity (a few being: contextual theology, a focus on self discovery over conformity, broader acceptance of progressive revelation of God in scripture [different people knew God differently], et al).
  • How can we have communities where moderns and post-moderns co-exist and thrive alongside one another.
  • What does the role of a pastor look like in the post-modern world?

Jesus and Life Elsewhere in the Cosmos

There are over 100 billion stars in our galaxy, and 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Even given the necessities of timing over billions of years it seems assured that there is life elsewhere that is separate and (potentially) distinct from our own here on earth. I believe that Jesus is the savior of all.

  • Can the passion be replayed for another people? Was it done this way for us?
  • Is there a biblical basis to limit salvation to humanity (homo sapiens sapiens)? Could other sentient creatures be included?

Salvation in the Multiverse (membrane theory or m-theory)

The deeper we as a people look into the problems with gravity (gravitons in particular) we are being led more and more away from a universe, into the multiverse [membranes stacked and continually splitting/dividing]. This is a similar discussion to the life elsewhere in the Cosmos but instead of a difference in location, it is a difference in dimension.

  • Can Jesus save those versions of ourselves that exist in a separate dimension without a conscious knowledge of Jesus if myself in this dimensions does?
  • Might God save those in a dimension where Jesus was never present?
  • Could the coming restoration of all things involve bringing all the dimensions back together?

Do you have anything to share?

I know that the questions and descriptions are not that complete – I wanted this short. Do you have any thoughts or insights on these? Or am I the only one who spends his time letting his mind wander in this direction.

Photo: Bruno Gilli/ ESO