Three day re-cap

For not having a job or any real necessary tasks my time is sure disappearing very quickly. The Twin Cities Festival is only a couple days away now (Louis Palau comes into town Thursday this week, pretty crazy that it?s so close). Aside from that coming up I?m wondering where a lot of my time has gone. I?ll admit I picked up playing civilization III again for a couple days and that was a nice break, ate up a good portion of my time though? Saturday I spent a large portion of the day working on a power point presentation for the church service on Sunday. Meet up with Ned for a while and caught up on life and he helped me gain some focus for some design work I have coming by way (midwestskier again? version 5 already).

Sunday was spent giving my first sermon (ok so half a sermon) about evangelism and how it looks overseas in France and here in the states. It went over very well and got some very positive response from a large number of members after the service. Needless to say it was very affirming and encouraging. One can only believe it will be occurring more often in the future. The rest of the day was pretty laid back, was able to meet up with Ms Miller Sunday night for some coffee in uptown, was awesome to talk and just catch up. Bumped into Sarah Van de Loo and Dave when we were leaving, funny stuff. First project team-mate I?ve seen since I got back.

Monday was rather low key again. Slept in a bit, I did something that I can?t remember right now (probably played more civ3?) and then went over to Peter Haas? house for a Substance Church meeting. Was awesome, I bumped into a bunch of Stout Cru guys (Kristi, Kristin, Steph, Jay, and Ben) and it just felt good to finally get plugged in with them. It was fun to get to talk afterwards, although Peter and me got to talking at the end about ?the? church and it was really good to talk to someone like him and find out where he?s coming from.

Today was again, relaxing and low key (although I?m not sure how I continue to have stuff to do). I was able to get out to Menomonie for the first time since this fall, I met up with my English professor to talk about my poetry and writing in general. I got a lot from it, really have started to form a structure to my writing. We also got into talking about religion and evangelism for about half an hour. She was just wondering why I believed what I did, how we did evangelism and the like. It was nice to get away from here and back to Stout (even if I had a long drive home afterwards). They also put a huge metal S on the north side of the clock tower about half way up, I think it?s pretty ugly but alas.

As for tonight, I?m pretty tired so will probably just take it easy and get up early tomorrow to help cook up at my parents church. Incase you were wondering, 30 pens for a dollar at target this week. Amazing deal.

God bless,