Welcome to Spring Break

Unlike winter break I am really looking forward to getting home. I have had a sudo-stressful quarter, well what stress is for me because most people don’t seem to think I feel like I’m ever under stress but whatever. Just catching up on the work load after the event. Finally I’m discovering that I have time for myself.

I guess it really won’t be much of a break, more of a chance for me to catch up on other things that I don’t have time to do during school. Need to get a site made up for this summer in France, do the support letters for that, and then going to hang out a lot. I told Justin Jones that I would help him out with some of his Skadi stuff and should really get on that as well. Should really get a passport photo taken as well as get my hair cut.

There are also the fun parts of break, getting to hang out with different people. Going to spend some time with Kessia, Rachel, Phil and duno who all else yet. Will be a very good break for me though. Get away from Stout for a little while at least… although I still will be working on my drawings…

Take care and God bless,