When is the Time?

It?s something that we are all are forced to address at some point in our Christian faith. When is it that we are ready to truly serve Him? To be quite honest it is different for each and every person. For someone, they might accept Christ and be ready to serve him the very next day. Others it takes time, this entry is only a question for you.

If you look at the bible there are examples of people who stand up and step out for Christ moments after accepting Christ is their savior. The blind man on trial before the pharoses is one that comes to mind. Then if you look at His disciples you see him teach them for a while before they are sent out on their own. This is bringing me quickly to my point.

We are ready to labor for Christ, every Christian who desires a Christ centered life is, everyone from the blind man to the disciples. We?re laboring for Him each and every day from our first moments of life with the Spirit. We are called to certain tasks and opportunities that we are ready for. Time and time again I feel as though I?m not ready, I don?t know what I need to. Last year I co-lead a bible study and couldn?t remember if I had ever read one complete gospel. Our Father knew I was ready for it and I trusted that He would be there with me every step of the way. Before spending this summer in France I had never gone through the four laws book (gospel) with anyone. I had used the bridge diagram once but that is abbreviated. I trusted that He would meet me where I was willing to meet Him.

This is exactly what those in the bible did, they were with Jesus and even though they knew they had so much more to learn, they trusted Him when they were sent out. From those closest to Him to those whom he had just met. This trust is called faith and He?ll meet you every step He calls you too and you?re to take. If you want to sit and wait for Him to pull you up closer to Himself you will be waiting quite the long time. Look for the arm He has outstretched and waiting for you to grab hold of. Lack of faith is only a lack of Trust in the God of everything, those strong in faith experience trust with God that the rest of us think is un-attainable. It is, the only question is when?

Keep seeking His face and living His blessing,