Why I'm here

Recently this subject has repeatedly surfaced and I figured I would just write out my thoughts the best I could on it. I hope that you all can follow my ramblings and me for the next while.

I’m here out of passion and love. You can label me a hippie or whatever but that is the root of why I’m here. It is also the reason that I will finish college and love as much of it as I can. I’m not here because everyone else is, rather because I don’t know where else I would get the chance to really improve myself in the arts. The opportunity to learn how to write better, compose better, and be an all around well rounded artist. Will I ever use those skills in the ‘real world’? I honestly am not sure, but does it really matter?

What does matter is that I love waking up every day. Homework doesn’t seem like a burden, instead another chance to further myself. I truly enjoy what I’m doing here, not minding when I spend upwards of fifty to seventy hours on a project for class. I love college because of the chance it gives me to truly push myself and to be surrounded by people (teachers) who, in there essence, want to help me (students).

I’ve learned a lot by going out and doing my own thing but there are things that you have to learn from others. For myself, I would have no idea where to start when it comes to art. More than likely you would see me just sitting there staring at something for a long time trying to figure out how to use it. Because I’ve done that before. I’ve also pushed my writing but now have a teacher who is there to push me in directions that I wouldn’t have tried before.

I’m also here to meet people, as many people as I can. I love being around people and being able to hold in-depth conversations that give me a glace into who someone is at their most basic levels. To be there to help when I can, to be a solid figure for some people who could need one. Allowing myself to share on my past experience and knowledge with whoever needs me to.

More importantly, God put me here at stout. There was a very good reason/s for that and I haven’t found out what it is yet. I’ve met some truly amazing Christians here and have been blessed beyond anything I could have fathomed. God has set my heart here for a purpose and in time He will show me what that is.

I know I wrote this for my dad. I hope it answers any questions you had about why I’m here and why I won’t leave.