Wisdom Teeth Removed

Well I haven’t written again in a while so sorry for the long windedness of this post. Last weekend was the Sonshine Festival. It was a blast. I got to spend a lot of time with some of my good friends from church. I also got to listen to some really good Christian music, for the past few years music has really played a big part of my life and to finally get to sit and experience some artists who weren’t worship based was really good for me. I also got my new tee shirt which is just sweet, all the better because I really like John Reuben (it’s a green shirt that says “Hugs not Drugs” and then has Reuben’s name under that). I really liked a few bands there, John Reuben, Souljahz, Pigeon John, 24:Idaho, Scantus Real, and Toby Mac. Hadn’t heard of any of them before that weekend and left really looking forward to their music and other music like it. The best part of the weekend had to be the late nights all sitting around talking. I learned so much from this kid I met from Iowa, his name was nick and he had been through some serious shit in the last 18 months. Stuff that for me to even fathom was/is heart wrenching. He really helped to humble me and was just a blast to hang out with, even after all he had gone though. Although part of me, for some reason or another, decided not to get a phone number or email from him when we were done talking that last night. I guess it was my way of, I duno, I wish I had. This means I have to go back next summer to see him here.

Then Monday I went to Scotts for a little shindig and to be honest I am quite sick with some of that group of people. I love some of them to death and would go to the ends of the earth to help them but others… I just don’t understand them and never will. They refuse to grow up and face there lives. They hide from what presents it’s self. I remember kary telling this story about the other dance girls drinking at college. First off who cares, second is that she is going to Madison!!, and third, you can go along and not drink and have a good time instead of isolating yourself from them. I’m just sick of the attitude that some of them possess of superiority, as if they are somehow better then someone else because they choose to hide from things. I am constantly reminded of why I don’t do much with them anymore. Enough about that though because that just gets me upset, I did end the night on a good note at famous daves listening to some reggae and eating some wings with some closer friends of mine.

I proceeded to get my wisdom teeth taken out, it went really well and it’s now been about 40 hours and I am doing great, very little swelling, next to no pain, and I’m already eating pretty decent food. Needless to say I’m excited about that.

Paul is really looking forward to this weekend, will be a month that Stacey and me have been going out. I’m pretty excited because I’ve changed a lot since the last girl I dated. I’ve spent a large part of the past 9 months thinking over and examining my life, then to find someone like Stacey to spend the last month with and to keep spending the upcoming days with is truly a blessing. I never thought that I would have met someone like her, so sweet, smart, caring, and cute. To think that I almost missed her, and that by some chance she showed up to my graduation party, and eleven days later we were dating. These last weeks I never would have expect and would never trade for the world. I wish I could keep writing about her but I’ll end up getting all sappy, so I’ll save that for her and spare the rest of you.

Take Care and God Bless,
~paul prins