Words with Each Step

The weekend past and I didn’t see her in the hours elevated from my sub-conscious state. I’ve been precocious over going to slumber, scared that she won’t be there to meet me. I can’t understand my heart and I barely know her name. Yet it seems different this time, sparing clichés and leaving it at that.

Finding myself, walking in the cold, inventing poetry with each step, flowing words previously unconnected, warming my soul against the brisk winter eve, no one hear, I speak louder, my soul longs to sing, time beckons forth a key, that will fit, within my heart.


Finally I’ve overcome my guilt for loving it at school. Feelings that I had because of the way some people aren’t happy or moving on with their life. Resulting in a torn feeling that I shouldn’t be feeling any better then they are, after all I do care about them. Unsure about what brought this change about, possibly an unnoticed epiphany. Regardless, I’m finally able to truly love every moment and subtle joy in my days.


I just emailed my resume to Highline and will hopefully hear back in the next two days over the prospect of my winter/summer employment. If it turns out we can’t agree on terms or it just doesn’t work out I am going to start finding summer freelance work to do. I was very blessed last summer and hopefully can do more this upcoming (also would love to do some concept based cinema work).

Take Care and God Bless,