The Three Faiths (#1: You are Everything God)

When you hear Christians talk of their faith this is what they most commonly mean, actually it may be the only type of faith that had ever crossed their mind until recently. It means to believe in God, to have placed your trust in him, to have faith in the Father, Holy Spirit, and Christ… Of all three of these entries this is the one I’m having the hardest time to give insight to and actually waited till the end to write it (but you still have to wait for the next two).

To have faith in Christ is so hard to explain. It’s difficult because my faith is stronger then it was a week ago, three years ago, and will be even stronger a year from now. I am fortunate enough to be in a position where I can honestly say, it would be harder and crazier for me to believe that God doesn’t exist. There have been to many things I’ve seen Him do in the past three plus years that it would be foolishness to not believe in God. For everyone this journey and set of events will be different, but the goal is to trust and thank God for everything. The pains of live, the little nothings that seem coincidence, how convenient timing seems to be, finances being there that we have what we need, friends walking in at just the right moment, being healed, practicing spiritual gifts, and the list goes further and further. The list becomes increasingly personal and powerful as my life has gone on.

This faith is the basis for the next two entries, without this the others are disregarded and even pointless for you to spend your time on. When I was thinking of a title for this section ‘You are Everything’ came to mind because that is what God must ultimately become. The bible is Truth, not partial, but complete to every word. God created the universe, made man from dust, is all knowing and is our only true refuge and strength. This may seem unrealistic, to truly believe in everything a 2000 year old book has to say, but the truth is that God is still alive and kicking today and will talk all your questions. If you have any question about how to start this, how to begin a personal relationship with Christ please visit this website and read through the pages there. This will all make so much more sense once you do. (if you’re a Christian wondering what you could do to get right with God check this out)

Why is this important? It is true that once you have placed your trust in Christ and have started that personal relationship with Him you are sealed for eternity, you will be in heaven praising God past the end of time. But let me implore you for a few moments. As we look at scripture (and the new testament in particular) there are a startling number of promises made to Christians based upon their faith. That we could throw mountains into the sea, cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, have wisdom and much more just by simply asking and believing in God to provide.

Here is the key, faith is directly tied to the intimacy we have with Christ. We gain that intimacy with God in the same way we would with our friends, through talking, sharing, thanking, serving and being served. When was the last time you poured your heart out to God? How has he hurt you or broken your trust?

Out of frustration and love the Lord cried out in Micah 6 “My people, what have I done to you? How have I burdened you? Answer me.” Aside from the choice of words that sounds very similar to words that I’ve spoken when loosing someone I had been dating. Having the unfortunate experience of being broken up with and all I ever wanted to know is what I had done to her. How I had wronged her, treated her poorly, made her feel any less loved than I felt she was. Before you turn your back and walk away, or roll over to sleep not feeling and experiencing this intimacy I’m writing about ask yourself this question.

What am I holding back from God?

The Lord has blessed me beyond belief; healed me of depression and of a broken foot, taken me half way around the world three times in just over a year, given me better friends than I’ve ever had, let me love others more then I ever could have before, let me get to know an amazing women of God, being able to rest feeling his presence encompass me, and that’s just the start. I stopped writing poetry because there aren’t words to express my gratitude and love for Him, only tears.

Pour your heart out to God and watch him run to hold you and move in your life.