Sermon: Arrival

A week and a half ago we had our very first meeting of Ignite on May 9th (this will be the monthly college rally for students in the twin cities and at substance church starting this fall). The whole idea of this night was to give a taste of what we hope to do this fall. This way we could get some good media to use in promotions, get some word of mouth buzz, and help us refine our approach.

The message from that night was recorded, and I believe it went pretty well. I would love your feedback (in the comments or via email). So please let me know what ya think of it! The scripture part at the beginning actually took place during worship before the announcements and my message. This was the first time I had a part in the entire production of a service (and not just the message). It is pretty cool how much creativity one can pour into that 75 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed it and found it encouraging. I got help writing the message from Mike Svoboda, awesome feedback from Mark Mellen and Bill Svoboda and I did all the graphic and video editing this time around (filming help from Gabe Hymer and Jordan Prins). Looking for people who would like to help with the creative stuff this fall.

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