Sermon: The Untold Story of Zacchaeus

This morning I was honored by the chance to preach at Minnesota Teen Challenge to a room full of men working on real life change. The passage is Luke 19:1-10 and this is probably my best sermon I’ve given to date. Please check it out, enjoy it, and let me know your thoughts (email or in the comments). Thanks! The image below was the title slide, put a couple of the other slides below (first time I actually took time to make a power point I liked).

Download Audio (MP3)

Please leave comments/thought! Not to bad for my 7th message I’ve given.

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One response to “Sermon: The Untold Story of Zacchaeus”

  1. Joyce Gannucci

    This message, “The Untold Story of Zacchaeus”, unfolds a beautiful picture and demonstration of the deep, personal, and committed love that Jesus has for each of us, in spite of our shortcomings, and even “flat-out sin” that we may be struggling with. Just as Zacchaeus experienced, God’s love is far greater and more amazing than any of us could ever imagine! His perfect love looks beyond our faults, and sees our need through His eyes of mercy! …Thank you for your transparency, humor, and excellence in your delivery of this message Paul. I was incredibly encouraged and blessed!