Sermon: The Unexpected Journey

This last Thursday I had the opportunity to speak at the first weekly meeting of UW – Stouts’ Campus Crusade. It was a lot of fun to get back to Stout and see a bunch of familiar faces, and even more new faces. With everything that has been going on there, I was overwhelmed to see 171 students pack out the lecture hall they were meeting in.

The message I gave was an adaptation of one that i prepared for a preaching competition over at Bethel Seminary. So it was the second time giving the message, and much improved over the first time. If you have a half hour check it out, and please leave me your thoughts and feedback!

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One response to “Sermon: The Unexpected Journey”

  1. Liz Erhardt

    Hey Paul!

    Listened to your message this morning…my heart is encouraged. Thanks for being a vessel of God’s word. Be blessed, brother!

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