A Season unlike any Other

We are in a season of life unlike any we, or our parents have lived through for a century. People we know and care about will get sick, we will get sick, and many more than we want to will not survive. With all that said I want to make a few points:

  • It is okay to not be okay right now.
  • There will be voices which tell you that you should be doing more right now, they are wrong. Do what you can, and that is enough.
  • Moments of existential crisis are not a good time for self improvement.
  • Be gentle and gracious with others and yourself.
  • Being alone, and being home can be difficult. If you can reach out to people please do. If you have no one to reach out to send me a message and we’ll chat.
  • We will figure out how to move forward after this is done.
  • We will figure out the economy and finances after this is done.
  • We will figure out what mistakes and missteps were taken after this is done.
  • We are in this together, across borders, tongues and generations.

Yet this is just a season, like the season of Lent we are also in. A season of grief, anticipation, heart ache, loss, and confusion. This season will too end one day in the future. It may be 2 months from now, it may be 12 months from now, but it will end. Another season will come. Breathe deep, and be gentle with yourself and others. We are where we are.