How to say No

How to say 'no' well for Churches, Ministries, Missional Communities, and missionaries.

If your purpose is to keep your ministry focused, the most important phrase you can master is ‘no’.

Make no mistake, mastery is required. We have been trained that to be told ‘no’ means that one was wrong. Yet focus is often not lost by following things that are wrong, but by following good things that un-willfully extend our purpose.

One of the difficulties in being missional is staying focused. Your community may attract people whose ideas have been passed over in a more institutionalized church. The question to investigate with them is, ‘How might your passion for ________ help God fulfill the purpose laid our for our community?’

The key is to invite them into the discernment process, chances are God will use their passion in your community. If not, then God has likely been already revealing this to them.

Photo Credit:  GViciano