Senior Prom

Monday May 5th, 2003 at 2:31 PM

Everyone was telling me not to get my hopes up and that prom was going to be a wash out. Not meet my expectations or visions that I had of it. I guess it worked to my advantage that I had no prior connotations of what the night would be like.

Britney and me had a blast. Got together with a bunch of other people at Scotts around 3, although I was slightly late because I needed a little more then 15 minutes to get ready. Took more pictures than should have been taken and jumped into our rad Limo bus. That was easily the sweetest limo I have ever been inside of, the outside could have looked better but whatever.

We went over to some garden off of lake Calhoun to take some more pictures without all the annoying parents. Took a few in front of this Japanese tree and then again on this bridge under a willow tree. I really liked how those turned out, not to mention the weather was perfect for it.

Got to the dance and found as many people as I could, had dinner which was just alright (although surprisingly good for how many people, 900, they were severing). The dance was a lot of fun, they could have mixed up the music a bit more then just lumping everything together, after 3 rap songs in a row you’re more then ready for something else.

After party is what I thought it was going to be, just sitting around and being lame. Whatever though, I wasn’t in the mood to argue about it because it wouldn’t have done any good anyway. Got about an hour of sleep on the couch before Saturday. Took me a while to get this up here but there ya have it. Prom was a ton of fun, thanks a bunch Britney for letting me going with you. You looked amazing, and sorry for stepping on your dress so much…

Take care and God bless ~paul prins


NBA Playoffs

The other night I was fortunate enough to be invited to go to the NBA game 3 of the LA Lakers and the MN Timber wolves. Now we got slaughtered 120 to 90 but the experience of going to the game is still a great one to experience. It takes me back to long before I was born, sitting there in the bowl looking around at everyone yelling at the people running.

I could only imagine the days of the gladiators and the roman empire. It is also the same in my mind. Thousands of people yelling at the top of their lungs to people who are fighting for the adoration of the crowd they are surrounded by. Like helpless creatures they fight to make the crowd scream their praises. The people higher up in society tend to play more civil rolls in the drama, while the peasants scream ever obscenity when the player they like screws up. It’s amazing when you think that after almost 3000 years we still have the same instincts to cheer and agonize over. That as a species we haven’t grown to a base appreciation of better things. That when I see the guy standing up and cussing out the team, I could just as easily imagine him wearing a dirty brown toga yelling in Italian to the prisoners fighting to the death for our amusement.

At least now days they don’t end in death, rather a victory or defeat (lives spared).

Now I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the game, it was fun hanging out with friends and getting to watch the game and crowd.

take care and God bless~paul


41 Hours

So after staying up for 41 hours in a row you really start to see everything differently. Last night was really different for me. I always seem so reserved in my thoughts and what it is that I say but after being awake that long everything just comes out how you really mean it. Teaching myself a lot about how I feel, compared to how I feel around other people. I just wish I could be like that more often and with enough sleep. Well we all have something to shoot for. Mostly thinking about what’s coming up in my life, college, work, summer, skiing, girls, and what I wana do with my life. I wrote some of it down somewhere and don’t remember the rest, I had just done 41 hours of life on about 7 hours of sleep.

I was up because of the church lock-in at EPPC on Friday night. It was a lot of fun, beach volleyball, 4am ultimate Frisbee, watched goonies, and played cards. Around quarter to six I left for home to get my dad and drive to Menomine for the placement tests at stout. That was really pathetic, I felt insulted by how easy the math one was. All of the questions had to have been from geometry and algebra. Maybe a couple from pre-calc but I’m sure I just used the shorter way and that we had learned some insanely long way to do them. Got home from the tests and talked to my mom for a while before leaving to see About Schmiet and the show up at school (which was really good if any of you are reading this). After the show we went to applebees to get dinner and then came home to crash.

Again I’m in this weird spot of wondering how much I should post on here because I honestly duno who reads this. Meh, live you life as you want and don’t ever be ashamed or embarrassed of what you’ve done. That way you’ll never have anything to hide.

Also today is Compassion Sunday so you should all sponsor a kid somewhere. I’ve been sponsoring Oscar for several months now and it’s such a great experience. I think you can get to the compassion website at


Another day in the grind

Hello world, I’m about a quarter done with the project I’m working on right now. It’s gonna turn out really well I know, even though it isn’t totally what I agree with, at least it’ll be helping to get people involved in politics and their gov’t. Which is something I think everyone can agree upon. The video will probably end up in my portfolio once it’s done if they will let me put it there.

I’m over the idea of trying to find anyone to go out with in HS. It just seem so hopeless, especially with college so soon. It’s more or less me just looking for someone to be sweet to while I’m in this mood and feeling this vibe. I’ll just stick to writing stuff out and making lists of stuff I can do later. Someday someone will appreciate it that way.
Also I only have one day of Calculus left!!! So that’s pretty exciting, I’m going to help teach a computer illustration class. That’ll be a lot of fun. I miss teaching like I did last year and last summer.

Well I’m going to get back to work so I’m not up all hours of the night finishing this project up. Gotta get to bed early today since I have the church lock-in tomorrow night and then placement testing for UW stout on Saturday morning at 8 am!! Tara I’ll see you at 6, so you better be awake.

Take care and God bless ~Paul