Stare Upwards into the Starlit Night

I stare up to the stars
feeling lost and alone
with wonder in my eyes
are other worlds so cold
are other people as stranded
touching themselves to reassure
hands with no-one to hold

I yell up to the stars
my anger and hate
they seem so far
yet control my fate
it gets to a point
where words aren’t enough
and I break down and cry
leaving another night
that the stars have won.


Spring Break 1

I know I should be heading over to bed, which conveniently is right behind me, but instead I’m sitting here writing away. Today was the Monday of my killer spring break… Actually it turned out to be a lot of fun. Carissa and me went out and had some fun at krispykream or however you spell it and then she showed me what guitar she is getting later this week at guitar center. It was nice to have someone like her to talk to though. Most of the friends that I have at school don’t share the same religious views as me and to hear what her spin on some of the stuff that’s been going on was really nice. We talked about what’s going on with Erica and the fact that it seems like I can’t seem to find a girl that’s interested in me, talked more about colleges. I love ya God but some times this waiting for ya thing drives me a little crazy, you know I’ll make it but man it would be so much easier if it was just obvious and right here.

It was a lot of fun, got to hang out with Andrew some more and play with their dog. I missed not having a cat around here but at least slate doesn’t totally hate me for pinning him down while we trimmed his nails. Carissa’s such a sweet girl, I’m really gonna miss her next year. I can tell that she is someone that I won’t forget of. So she better keep in touch with me. Got home and stayed up talking with my brothers and mom for a couple hours and had a good time telling jokes and just hanging out.

Still I’m having a hard time trying to decide what I should really put in this blog. I don’t want my deepest personal feelings and ideas out there for just anyone to read but I want it to be a place where people can check in on me. Probably will turn out being a day to day basis on how I feel about writing something up here, won’t ever slander anyone other then myself though. So sorry if that’s what you were looking for.

Take care and God bless ~paul


War in Iraq

It’s coming more and more to my attention that people aren’t thinking past themselves anymore. The most prevalent view of this is the war that were currently doing to over through the gov’t of Iraq. To me it is mind boggling that someone can look at this situation and say that we shouldn’t go. That just because they were born in Iraq that they aren’t guaranteed the same freedoms and rights that we have here in the states. Not to mention the fact that Saddam has been lying to the UN S.C. for the last 5-6 months about what he has which is in direct violation of the UN resolution 1441.

Now I won’t say that war isn’t a hard thing, I’m scared for our troops over there. I’ve been praying for them for the last few weeks. However as a world super power we need to stand up for the rules of the UN and not let lower tier countries push around what we, and other countries in the UN, state in the resolutions.

As of now we’ve been officially in conflict for about three days, everything is going really well. We’ve lost minimal troops (12 I recall, 6 British and 6 American) and have been making massive progress towards Iraq, liberating people along the way. The images on the TV of the people jumping for joy and hugging the soldiers when they arrive in their towns is truly moving. It also somehow makes the things I worry about seem so petty in comparison.

God Bless ~paul


Just another Day

Here I sit, alone in my room as another day has past me by. I wish that the questions I had could be answered as easily as they are asked. However that isn’t the case, the people I turn to can’t help me because this isn’t a game of life, it is life. The one game you can’t cheat at.

Had the Lake Confrence Visual Art Show tonight, it was alright. I didn’t get anything again this year but I think my photograph was one of the few to really stand out at the show. There was some really insainly good work there though. I think the show was a step up from last year for sure.

I still have to finish coding this site, along with the portfolio site. the backend I will probably do late next week, so I’m just using the db softwear right now to submit stuff. As of now the contact and links pages are done, and I’m getting closer on the blog pages.

God Bless ~paul