I Don't Like Ladybugs

Morning Note

This has to be one of the most awesome notes that my wife has left for me yet.

For the record, I have been awake for nearly 6 hours and haven’t seen the lady bug yet. Must be an extra sneaky one.


Happy Anniversary to Us!

Happy Second Anniversary to us! YAAY!

The last two years have gone by so quickly! Of all the things i could post here, some sweet and enduring things crossed my mind, and then I saw this from one of the best sites on the Internet.


Thank you so much for putting up with such a ridiculous husband. I love you more then i ever thought I could.

(Oh and for the rest of you, I did get her flowers, not just this fabulous post about squirrels and coffee).


Graduation is almost here

Today Jordan and I picked up our cap and gowns from the book store (cost us $50+! but they seem nicer than the plastic high school ones) and got our graduation tickets from the service desk.

My list of tasksĀ  to complete before the end of the term is shrinking as well, slowly but surely. From an original 20 items as of last Sunday down to 15 right now. This leaves me with

  • Four Papers
  • Two Quizzes
  • Two Exams (only one finals week!)
  • Some flash grammar tutorials
  • Some web code
  • one set of online discussion participation

Thats it!

My application is also now complete over at Bethel Seminary. I should be hearing back this week from the sounds of it so I’ll be sure to post up here when I hear back!!

God Bless,


State Fair Food 2007!!

This year Jordan and I went to the Minnesota State Fair with some good friends (Kyah and Rob respectively) and had a blast. We also discovered that when you pair up with friend the amount of food you can consume and purchase as a group increases!! Below is the pictorial diary of our good eats (albeit a month after the fact).


So what all did we eat? In order from the top left; Pronto Pup, Deep Fried Snickers Bar, Gelato Ice Cream, Tom Thumb Mini Donuts, cinnamon and Sugar Lefsa, Pickle on a Stick, Spaghetti and Meatball on a Stick, Free Water!, Roasted Nuts, Salmon on a stick, Wild Game Bratwurst, Lemon aid, Shaved Hawaiian Ice, Cheese Curds, Cotton Candy, Roasted Corn on the Cob, 1919 Draft Root beer, Bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies, and All the Milk you can Drink for a dollar!!

Jealousy should have already set in.

It was a great day, we escaped just before the clouds opened up and it started to pour down the rain (we went on 8/28 for $8 at the gate!). To see more photos hit the link! [Read more…]