Finishing Seminary

I have finally finished my time at Bethel Seminary and walked out of my last class yesterday morning. This Saturday I will be walking across the stage and will receive my hood. It is a surreal experience to be here looking back on the last four years leading up to my Masters of Divinity.

There is more that I will write about this as I reflect on it over the coming weeks, but for now I just want to say that I am really excited to be done. There are a lot of things changing for Jordan and I right now – work is picking up, going on staff with Christian Associates, and getting more involved at Mill City Church.


Remembering Mike Prins

It has been almost 8 weeks since my dad passed away and with the ALS walk coming up this Saturday I wanted to make sure that we had the audio from the Celebration of Life service available online.

Video Slide Show (no audio):



John Prins: Brother (5 minutes) [audio:|titles=John Prins Eulogy]

Ryan Prins: Son (11 minutes) [audio:|titles=Ryan Prins Eulogy]

Paul Prins: Son (6 minutes) [audio:|titles=Paul Prins Eulogy]

Kyle Prins: Son (10 minutes) [audio:|titles=Kyle Prins Eulogy]

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Bethel Seminary, I'm In!

Just got two phone calls from Bethel Seminary and I’ve been accepted!!

Now it is just a matter of figuring out the job situation for Jordan and I to learn if I’ll be starting January 7th, or not until March. As of now my guess is that I won’t be starting until march to give me some time to work, and decompress from the last 4.5 years of school before diving into another 3 for my masters.

This is really a great feeling. I’m continually getting more and more excited to start my courses at seminary and it’s so awesome to see God putting pieces in place for Jordan and I with the vision He has given us for church planting in France. Will post more as I learn about it.


You could own

SUNDAY, 7 MAY 2006 12:00 EST

You could own

Since 1999 the website Midwest Skier has dominated the online community of Midwest freestyle skiing. From it’s birth the community and subsequent partnerships with magazines, events, and even at times branching into event and video production had become the visible pulse of a much-neglected movement. MidwestSkier is now for sale.

It was the dream realized and pushed forward by Paul Prins who two years ago stepped down from major operations (including production, writing, filming, and photography). His professional and life ambitions have led him away from the world of skiing and the website has fallen into self-admitted neglect. I had thought that I could simply continue to manage content but that was just it, there was a lack of content stemming from issues around empowerment, ownership, and direction.

“In the years to come I will be increasingly involved in my upcoming marriage, studies, and work. If the community is to once again grow and flourish it needs to be passed off now,” Paul said recently when asked about the future of Midwest Skier.

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