Every now and then one needs a break from the tedious day-to-day. On this particular day I decided to watch riveting tug of war match anchored by an Elephant, and a donkey. While the elephants team is loosing in this particular photo, they ended up winning.

All animals were harmed shortly after this photo was taken….


Photo: Print from Paris

Last January Jordan and I spent a week in the city of lights for our 4 year anniversary. For those of you who don’t know, we feel called to move to (in my case, back to) France to plant a church. We had been thinking Paris but Jordan had never been before, so after all was said and done she gave a huge thumbs up! To celebrate we got one of our photos from the trip printed by the fine folks at White House Custom Colour. It just showed up this morning!

WHCC Pro Tip: Ask for two Lollipops, get two lollipops

This is the first photo we have ever gotten printed on their canvas with a stretched frame (comes with a hanging wire as well). We’re still trying to figure out where to place it, but it looks pretty amazing.


Photo: There are no limits only plateaus

I know this is almost to awesome to handle. but the quote comes from a image my friend Ned posted to his twitter account. The photo I stumbled accross the next morning and thought that it was a match made to be.

Photo By: junku


Photo from Friday

Last Friday we went out to the Holidazzel Parade and it was really cold, well into the negative digits and on our walk back to the North Loop we past this garage that was full. Thought it was a nice image and captures the attitude that us Minnesotans take during the winter. No frigid weather will keep us from heading out and having a good time.