Finishing Seminary

I have finally finished my time at Bethel Seminary and walked out of my last class yesterday morning. This Saturday I will be walking across the stage and will receive my hood. It is a surreal experience to be here looking back on the last four years leading up to my Masters of Divinity.

There is more that I will write about this as I reflect on it over the coming weeks, but for now I just want to say that I am really excited to be done. There are a lot of things changing for Jordan and I right now – work is picking up, going on staff with Christian Associates, and getting more involved at Mill City Church.


Courses for the next year

I figure since I have a bunch of friends over at Bethel Seminary that I would post the courses I’m currently signed up to take over the next year. That way we might end up in some together!

Summer 2010:
Doing Theology in a Global Context – GC 739 – 01
– Dr. Roberts & Dr. Stone | End of June
SPF: Self in Community – SP 600 – 10
– Daniel D. Jass | End of July

Fall 2010:
Discipleship in Community – DC 501 – 01
– Cionca | Monday 8-12 am
Introduction to Pastoral Care – PC 501 – 01
Leih | Monday 1-5 pm
“Patron Saints” for Postmoderns – SP 707 – 01
– Armstrone | Tues 7-10:15 pm

Winter 2011:
Effective Communication from Old Testament Genres: Eat This Text I – CP 743DI – 51
-Dr. Ridder | Online
Cross-Cultural Church Planting – GC 672 – 01
– Dr. Stone | Thurs 8-10 pm

Spring 2011:
Understanding Your Audience: Scanning the Crowd – CP 762 – 01
– Durie | Thurs 5:30-7:30 pm
Systematic Theology III – TS 503 – 01
– Dr. Roberts | Thurs 1-5 pm
Christian Social Ethics – TS 505 – 01
– Walker | Mon 1-5 pm

With all of this some you might be wondering how close I am to being done with all this school. Actually pretty close. As of tomorrow (after I give my sermon and turn in my paper) I will have 88 Credits done out of the 144 needed to graduate. Each of these courses is 4 credits, plus my internship ends June 15th and that adds another 4 credits to my load. This means this time next year I will have 132 credits done! With only 3 courses left towards my Masters of Divinity.

It has already been a long journey, but it is very exciting to feel like the end is quickly approaching. And to think that I am likely going to finish in only 3.5 years is pretty exciting as well.


Sermon: The Untold Story of Zacchaeus

This morning I was honored by the chance to preach at Minnesota Teen Challenge to a room full of men working on real life change. The passage is Luke 19:1-10 and this is probably my best sermon I’ve given to date. Please check it out, enjoy it, and let me know your thoughts (email or in the comments). Thanks! The image below was the title slide, put a couple of the other slides below (first time I actually took time to make a power point I liked).

[audio:|titles=Untold Story of Zacchaeus]
Download Audio (MP3)



Please leave comments/thought! Not to bad for my 7th message I’ve given.


What happened to two thirds of the Church?

Cross and Lotus from a Christian Monument in China, 781 CEEarlier this week Dr. Philip Jenkins came and spoke to a number of faculty and students at Bethel Seminary on the subject matter of several of his books (most recently ‘The Lost History of Christianity‘). It was very eye opening. His focus has primarily been the eastern and African church during the millennium of the church. Here is a brief except from an interview with him discussing the eastern church.

Also, this Eastern world has a solid claim to be the direct lineal heir of the earliest New Testament Christianity. Throughout their history, the Eastern churches used Syriac, which is close to Jesus’s own language of Aramaic, and they followed Yeshua, not Jesus. Everything about these churches runs so contrary to what we think we know. They are too ancient, in the sense of looking like the original Jerusalem church; and they are too modern, in being so globalized and multi-cultural.

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