When the Bible Changed for Me

When the Bible changed for Me

Over the past several years there was a subtle shift that occurred in how I see Scripture and the bible. It was so subtle that I only noticed it through conversations with family and friends. I think that I now have a bit of an understanding of what two key things changed for me. The result has been a more humble approach to handling the bible, a more accepting posture towards differing opinions, and more compassion with people who are also wrestling with God. So what two ideas changed the way I read scripture? [Read more…]


Theological Musings of the Moment

Seminary is almost done! It has been an extremely enriching time for me as few are granted the opportunity to set much of life aside to look into theology, history, missiology, and the scriptures for three years. There has been a lot that I have learned about: contextual theology, evolutionary theology, preaching, contextual theology/indigenous churches, and much more.

This isn’t a note directly about those things, but about the things I am currently musing over. These are the three that I think of as I walk to and from work, drive to class, and just let percolate in my mind.

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If the Resurrection is a sneak peak…. #WhatRapture

In my opinion many Christians who affirm the Rapture fail to take into account the simple reality that Jesus was already transformed before he was ever taken up into the sky. The leaving the disciples and ascending into the sky seemed to be a requirement for; the interim period we are now in (between the resurrection and the consummation of history) and our reliance on the Holy Spirit (“I must go so the counselor can come”).

That Jesus was already raised from the dead is the key part of this part of the gospels for me. His body was already new and transformed so that he was not immediately recognizable to some of his disciples,  he could walk through walls and even appear out of no-where (traversing dimensions?)! This new body also seems to have come out of the old body, that his previous physical body was transformed into his new body (creating the empty tomb the women found, he was not simply given a different body).

Since Jesus’ resurrection is described as the foretaste for the church (this is where immersion baptism comes from – to die and rise in Christ) I believe we can understand the transformation of his body to be one and the same that all matter in the cosmos will one day go through. A new, transformed, and perfected creation will emerge from (come out of) the current creation in a way we cannot understand or ourselves create/induce.

What are your thoughts on the idea that every atom of the cosmos will be transformed? 
I’ve shared this notion with a few peers recently to a very warm response and would enjoy further feedback.

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