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Church Software Guide for DummiesThere have been pastors I’ve spoken with who have felt a bit lost when considering software for their church. With so many options out there that it’s overwhelming. It is with that in mind that we created the Church Software Guide: Everything you Need to Know.

The goal is not to dig in deep, but to explain for you the types of church software you should consider. There are nine categories that will have some benefit for your church. Check out the guide, and please pass the link along to your friends in ministry.

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Thank you so much! We’re really proud of the hard work that went into that guide.


Why SOPA/PIPA is the Nuclear Option (aka Overkill)

Today the web as become more politically active than ever. Many sites have self censored themselves to show their opposition to a bill that is currently working its way through congress (SOPA – Stop Online Piracy Act) and the senate (PIPA Protecting Intellectual Property Act). Our opposition is not to the need to protect IP, but to the approach taken to protecting work.

At the heart of this issue is the vast resources involved in searching for and punishing those who violate IP laws. This is only made more complex by the lack of national borders on the web. Sites like (based out of Sweden) have pages dedicated to the take down requests sent to them, but due to their physical location lack any jurisdictional authority.

Following this the US Congress (after more than $91 million in lobby money from Hollywood, media establishments, and others) drafted a twin set of bills SOPA and PIPA that would effectively place the whole of the internet under the jurisdiction of the United States by allowing the US Government to censor any site on the web at a structural level – a nuclear options since it destroys the whole site in efforts to remove specific IP content (not through a take down request, but by taking over their domain name without the owners consent removing the entire site from the web).

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Fresh Vine gets some Fresh Print!

Fresh Vine getting some online print! I know it’s not a feature piece, but very exciting for us. Screen shot below.


Related Pages Code Snippet for WordPress

I’m currently working on getting the documentation together for our API (with Fresh Vine) and I needed a bit of code to place in the sidebar that would display any resources from the same family.

Within WordPress I have the pages all nicely nested. So there is a top-level page with a slug ‘api’ (page ID 16), and that has a child slugged ‘documentation’ (page ID 20). This related pages script will check for the children of ‘documentation’ including the first level which we add in at the beginning there.

The page hierarchy looks like: api-> documentation->members->view-id (for example)

The Code

<!--?<span class="hiddenSpellError" pre=""-->php $Page = get_post();		// Get the Current Page
$ParentID = $Page-&gt;post_parent;	// Get the Parent Page ID
if( $ParentID == 16 )
	$ParentID = NULL;	// We're a child of 
else if( $ParentID == 20 )
	$ParentID = $Page-&gt;ID;	// We 

$Related = get_pages( array(
					    'child_of' =&gt; $ParentID,
					    'sort_order' =&gt; 'ASC',
					    'sort_column' =&gt; 'post_title',
					    'hierarchical' =&gt; 0, 
						'parent' =&gt; -1,
						'post_type' =&gt; 'page',
						'post_status' =&gt; 'publish' ) );
// Look to see if there are any related pages.
if( !is_null( $ParentID ) ){

	// Get the Parent Page
	$Parent = get_page( $ParentID );	?&gt;
	<a href="<?php echo get_page_link( $ParentID ); ?>"> <!--?php echo $Parent--->post_title; ?&gt;&gt;</a>

<!--?php	foreach( $Related as $rPage ) {
			if ( ! $rPage--->post_content ) // Check for empty page
				continue;	?&gt;
		<a href="<?php echo get_page_link( $rPage->ID ); ?>"> <!--?php echo $rPage--->post_title; ?&gt;</a>
<!--?php}// End foreach loop on Related pages
} // End the related page check	?-->

Final Thoughts

All in all the code works splendidly. Though I have taken out all of my styling for this example I have it setup to display the method and to give visual indicators of what page the user is currently on (with a simple if $rPage->ID == $Page-ID check).

Well I hope this was helpful for someone else out there in the inter-webs. If you used the code leave a note so I can see how you used it!