It can be difficult to conceptualize the Christian faith without various silos. In practice few have belief, faith, theology, praxis, and their humanity deeply interwoven. As the west emerges from modernism, we must begin our re-engagement. To see the fullness of ourselves aligned together with our beliefs. Labels and conceptual distinctions will continue to be helpful. They should no longer be destinations.

Every Christian is destined for the cross Jesus told them to carry as they follow him.

Here we will talk about these silos in integrated ways. Understanding Christianity is about our intellectual presence and capacities. Embodied Christianity helps us live in a world so far removed from the dirt trails of Palestine Jesus walked. Christian Reflections will invite you to be emotionally present and open to realities of God.

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Might these essays and reflections be a part of a reweaving within you. Bringing the parts of yourself into greater oneness. Jesus came in the same mind, body, and heart as you. There is no part of you beyond the intimate concern and attention of God. Let us not stop the work of following Jesus. Of living humble lives of repentance & transformation. Κύριε ἐλέησον!

Meet Paul Prins

the Author

Paul has been on an ever deepening journey of faith since experiencing his call to ministry in 2004. He grew up in the Presbyterian tradition (PCUSA) in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. He attended one of the University of Wisconsin campuses to study fine arts, psychology, and business. While studying there, Paul helped lead a large student ministry. He continued his professional development at Bethel Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is professionally trained in Homiletics, Missiology, Biblical Translation, and Theology. Paul received his Masters of Divinity, with great distinction, in 2012.

In early 2016 Paul moved to Paris with his wife – Jordan. They spent years in secular vocations, awaiting further direction from the Lord. It was in 2019 that he was one of three people to found Urban Monasticism. He describes himself as ecumenical, monastic, contemplative, mystic, pacifist, and pastoral.

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