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May these thoughtful essays and reflections invite you to engage with Christianity. The Christian faith tradition is diverse, and can engage the fullness of each person. There is excitement around intellectual pursuits. A deep concern for how people embody their beliefs. The ongoing pursuit for heartfelt transcendent moments.

These essays and reflections are an invitation to grow you in one or more of these areas. With the grace of God we might grow, with intention, into greater likeness of the humble Jesus of Nazareth. May we live within the crucible of transformation. Always believing that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

Embodied Christianity

Living & Application

Again and again, Jesus invited people to follow him. To follow him in the way he lived his life. It was Jesus who called you and calls to us. Follow me. My yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Pick up your cross. It is clear that to call oneself Christian has implications for how we live. To be intentional and purposeful in how we apply the life, teachings, and faith of Jesus from Nazareth in our lives today.

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The Church after Consumerism

The realities of consumerism are relatively new to the Church. What kind of future is there for the Church in light of its implications and culture? Where may we find hope in the midst of and after consumerism? I believe we have hope as we elevate the fact that we exist, have our being, and have God’s love for us.
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A Prayer for the Recently Deceased

A prayer for when a sibling in Christ has passed on. Words that might help us be present in this time of grief and loss. I wrote these words after my father-in-law passed during the pandemic in fall 2021.
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Understanding Christianity

Theology & Translation

To talk about Christianity is to engage with philosophy. At the heart of these conversations are expansive and complex relationships. To see and seek to understand these relationships is the core aim of Theology. How do we relate to God? To one another? To creation? To ourselves? As Christians, we read the Bible to help guide our understanding. These biblical texts are sustained and translated for us through interpretive lenses of scholars. Translation is always interpretation and theological.

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Translating the Psalms for a Book of Hours

Translating scripture is a complex process. I pull back the curtain on the translation process of the Psalms for the Divine Office. From sources to some of the complexities involved in this interpretive process.
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Discover the Tradition of Christian Mysticism

The tradition of Christian Mysticism has roots in second temple Judaism. It’s woven its way through nearly every denomination and movement of the Church for two millennia. Let this brief overview help you learn about mysticism.
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Christian Reflections

Meditative, Contemplative, & Mystical

It is with abundant tenderness that the grace of God meets us. Slowly dripping into our lives. Easily unnoticed. When we slow, pause, and rest we might come to sense it. Sense the presence of God that is always with us, that sustains creation, and that is rooted in love. A love without conditions. Giving us comfort to be like Christ in the midst of all God adores. Inviting us to open our hearts and feelings to experience God.

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The Christ We Follow

As followers of Jesus, it is hard to see Him clearly. Subtly, we start following a Christ that looks like us, or who we wish to be. Soothing our souls by turning from the wild, transforming love of God. Who is the Christ we follow?
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God loves us, and we will be okay.

In my writing and speaking I focus a lot on the unearned grace, tenderness, and love of God. For in my life, I cannot recall a time I didn’t believe I earned all the affection I received. And was therefore to blame when I felt unloved. I am not the only one with this experience, and lived reality. This belief was formed into me over the formative of years with restrained praise, and affirmation. That only some of my successful hard work was worthy. It didn’t matter the pride/value I placed in my work. That I was only the success…

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Who is Paul Prins

Paul has been on an ever deepening journey of faith since experiencing his call to ministry in 2004. He describes himself as ecumenical, monastic, contemplative, mystic, pacifist, and pastor. He is professionally trained in Homiletics, Missiology, Biblical Translation, and Theology. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota he now lives in Paris, France.

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