There are five primary categories of content on my blog. They are listed and described below for your perusal.

Beautiful Things (browse)

Every life needs things that are beautiful to thrive.

Church Tech (browse)

Where Church and Ministry life meets the world of technology

Life Tech (browse)

Conversations focused on the intermingling of daily living and technology.

Missional (browse)

Missional living and communities are popping up all over the globe focused on living out the lifestyle of Jesus in community.

Startup Life (browse)

Insights, thoughts, and perspectives from my life as the founder of a startup.


The savvy person you are noticed that there are three additional categories. However these will not be getting regular new content. Nevertheless they are described below.

Odds and Ends
There are things that I just have to share with the world that don’t fit in with the rest of what I post. They go into my collection of Odds and Ends

Several times a year I am given the opportunity to preach, speak, or teach. I’ll share what I am able to here.

I have been blogging for a very long time. These posts represent nearly a decade of my life starting in 2003.