Why I Don’t Care about your Calling

There’s excitement as people discover, discern, and accept their life calling. Yet if life were a single day this would equate to little more than putting on a single sock. You have not yet reached the door, and have the majority of the real work ahead.

With this perspective we can accept our calling as a critical step for putting on our shoes before we head out the front door to impact the world. As long as we remember that the world has not yet changed, and our love not yet felt.

What we must care about is faithfulness.

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Excellent List App to Get Things Done

Trello iOS Check-ListOne of the biggest challenges in ministry is keeping track of everything that is on our plates as ministers. Very few of us are fortunate enough to be able to focus exclusively on preaching, or pastoral care. Most of us have to wear dozens of different hats a week. To-Do applications are the perfect solution to improve your focus and productivity. Trello will really shines for your ministry.

I loved my old To-Do application – The Hit List – as I went through seminary, worked at a church, and launched my start-up. There were to many moving pieces to keep track of, and thanks to that app I never missed a due date at school over the 4 years. Having a list I could easily add tasks too, and use to allocate my time meant I didn’t have to mentally keep everything in the air. I could relax as soon as I placed it on a list. As great as Hit List was, it’s not web-based, and does not have any collaboration tools.

This spring I fell in love with Trello

Since I started casually using it they have come out with iOS and Android apps. I believe that if your church starts using Trello you’ll communicate better, and be able to stay on top of your projects better.


Collaboration by Organization

This is so cool. Not only can you assign specific tasks to individuals (one or many), but you can actually set up your boards for your whole organization. Each board then can have as many lists on it. I use 4 lists called: Icebox, Queued Up, In Progress, and Completed.

Cards are a Brilliant Idea

Trello is not simply a list of check boxes. Instead they use cards. A card can have multiple check-lists, attached files, due date, an activity log, and more. This makes it really easy to manage projects since you can have the whole project setup on one card. Once you’re ready to start the project you drag the card onto your In Progress list. You can also archive cards that are old to clean up your screen.

Trello iOS appThe mobile apps are powerful

The apps have every bit of functionality from the website while I’m on the go. I love being able to add items to a check list, or create a new card in the Icebox when the idea strikes me. Since my moments of inspiration come when I’m away from my desk these apps are a life saver. I actively use the Android app on my phone and tablet, and the iOS application looks equally powerful.

Best of all Trello is Free!

I paid for the app I used through school, and it was not as powerful as Trello is. Try it out for a project and see how it goes. It might be a tool you use to track the progress of projects, or it could become a platform for collaboration utilizing the organization functionality. Learn more about Trello and get started!

Are you using Trello or something like it? Do you have any advice for people starting?


Becoming a Bi-Vocational Pastor

The natural question one is asked as they graduate from Seminary is: What is next for you/Where is God calling you? With only 82 days between me and my Masters of Divinity this question is looming in the bushes (or shrubbery if you will). For my wife and I we will be bi-vocational pastors.

Choosing Bi-Vocational

This does not mean part-time pastors. This does not mean that don’t believe we could secure employment at a church full-time. We have chosen this because of the call we have on our life (to minister in France – more on this in the future). As we sat down 4 years ago looking into the fog of our future we were faced with one primary question – How will we go back to France?

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