The 3 Biggest Challenges to Evangelicalism


A lot of very interesting things are happening right now in the evangelical movement in the western world. As far as I am able to tell, this movement has enjoyed a level of prominence over the last several decades as the growing voice of the non-Catholic church in the eyes of the media and public. Watching the unfolding drama at my alma mater – Bethel Seminary – has been revealing and insightful. The gap between the present and the future seems larger to me now than ever before. These three issues I believe will prove the hardest points during this period.

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Into Post-Modernity – Thoughts?

Reading a book by Dr. Alice P Mathews (Preaching that Speaks to Women) and felt this quote was approprate and helpful (slightly adapted to make it readable without needed to read the whole chapter).

A Modern knower can be a liberal or a conservative but cannot be a radical because the systems that taught them controls what can or cannot be known. But some in modernity yearn for a personal way of knowing that goes beyond the systems they have been taught or the relationships and instituions in which they have worked. These people beging to move out of modernity and into post-modernity.