Americans be warned of the Lord Almighty

Americans be warned of the Lord Almighty
He fumes with furry over your boasting and pride.
Never has He poured out blessings
           as He has upon you and your fathers
Yet you continue to squander your gifts for worldly gain
Your backs have turned from your Creator
           Who is perfect in His righteousness
This land was to be the beacon of Light to His world
Instead that light was kept in selfishness
           Not shared with those we were told

You do not look to God for refuge
instead in the scoffers your hearts seek shelter,
shelter that will only bring terror and death.
How long, brothers, will you wait to beseech Christ.
Until you are the last standing, and all Hope seems lost?
Why have you not embraced all He has given you?
Must our Jealous God strike you down before you cry His name

To long have you lived in shadows,
To long have you taught lies,
To long have your leaders not sought God,
To long have you taken His credit,
To long have you removed Him from your life,
For to long have you boasted His blessings as your own,
For to long have you taken His praise,
For to long have you counted His safety as your strength,
For to long have you not humiliated yourself before Him,
For to long have you not desired righteous living.

Let there be no mistake when God corrects you
His servants are already in motion to cause destruction
And only His hand can stop them from action
Yet your cries are not to the Lord Almighty
Instead you boast of your leaders strength
Trusting in the military which has never lost
And has never gone into war without God

Do not let the scoffers tell you how to live and what to say.
Christ acts out of love, in furry and grace, for your blessing
You are as a child who has disobeyed
Not listening to your Fathers rules
Out of love He will strike down those closest to you
Until His wrath is at your stoop and you are next
Cry out for God and let Him be your Refuge
Only then will you find true comfort

How the Lords heart pains for you,
who abuse His love and exploit His grace
Like an unfaithful wife you have been
Proclaiming to love God, yet giving your heart to others

“Do you no longer fear me?
Must I remind you of my righteousness?
Why my child, have you resisted me?
Pushing me away yet taking my blessings.
You are as an undisciplined youth
           Who has forgotten His place in my house.
I am Lord and you are my children,”

declares the Lord Almighty,

“There will be much strife and fighting
friend will become foe and confusion will be yours.
Attacking one another before my servants arrive
they will quickly destroy your strength with terror
because you are weak without me
           and have chosen to stand alone.
Bodies strewn and disfigured, pain and terror everywhere.
Will you then call my name and call me Lord your God?
When the first of your cities falls will you? The second?
Do not be mistaken, I have always been the same,
           It is you who have left me.”

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