There’s No Fight between Science and the Church

There is not a fight between science and the Church/Theology.

Within the decade humanity will likely know life has existed off planet (Mars). The church needs to prepare for this reality. We need to teach that the creation myths in Genesis are not literal, but theological stories.
Stories that tell us about relationships with one another/creation, between us and God, and God and us. Ancient attempts to understand humanities place within creation, and our place of dominance over other animals and nature.

Failure to address many misguided teaching about creation will only accelerate the decline of the western church. We should instead celebrate that many major discoveries in science have been made by the church (like the Big Bang by Father George Lemaître).

We – leaders in the church – would do well to help those in our care to understand how interwoven and relational our theology should be. That we best know Jesus by living sacrificial lives for others as Jesus himself modeled. That we follow not Paul, but Jesus.

One of the key themes of Lent is a call to compassionate connection with the suffering in our world. Suffering which Jesus endured, and the very real pain Jesus continues to choose to feel. He continues to bare the wounds of his suffering by choice.

Let us likewise choose to join the grieving and mourning. For they are the blessed. The rich will go hungry and fail to enter the kingdom of God, but God is always with the poor.

The fight within myself is to live for this life, or for the Kingdom of God. On my better days I choose well, and I pray we all have more better days.

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