Very astute observations about how we can manipulate the Bible by asking questions that are assumed today, that the authors of the text weren’t addressing. This is part of the reason why many fundamentalists assume Evolution to be untrue, and why they mis-understand the beginning and end of time (in my opinion – obviously since this is my blog).

As always, if you are unfamiliar with N.T. Wright I would highly suggest you familiarize yourself. He is a fantastic biblical scholar and is one of the best of our age.


When the Bible Changed for Me

When the Bible changed for Me

Over the past several years there was a subtle shift that occurred in how I see Scripture and the bible. It was so subtle that I only noticed it through conversations with family and friends. I think that I now have a bit of an understanding of what two key things changed for me. The result has been a more humble approach to handling the bible, a more accepting posture towards differing opinions, and more compassion with people who are also wrestling with God. So what two ideas changed the way I read scripture? [Read more…]


Any recommendations on how we should read the bible?

“A thousand things: Frequently and Throughly is the best answer. The bible was not written to be read in 10 verse chunks.” – N.T. Wright

Love how NT Wright articulates reading/thinking about scripture. It seems like we only know the bits of passages, and there is really power in reading whole books, and understanding the whole story of God in scripture.

The video is just over 7 minutes, and worth your time.