Merry Christmas to All

This night we remember two teens who found themselves alone on a cold night. Alone in the stable. These two faced childbirth without any help. Jesus, Emmanuel, born in the quiet of night. The heavens erupted in praise.

The long awaited king has come, humanity and divinity in one. He would proclaimed his kingdom that is, and is to come. Forever and ever. A king of grace, forgiveness and love. The kingdom where the least, the forgotten, the peace makers, and the poor come first.

His is a kingdom of peace. There are no weapons of war, and there are none to defend it. Even his own death did not end it. We are all invited to live in his kingdom today. To set our personal desires, safety, and hopes aside to make manifest the kingdom of heaven in our midst.

Jesus came that each of us might have life. As an ambassador of his kingdom, I must stand against oppression and the forces of death in our world. Together, with all the saints, we hope and work for a just world. That peace on earth would be real, and peace in the hearts of all.

For He taught us to pray, in part:

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

For the kingdom,
the power,
and the glory are yours without end.

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