My Heart is Weak

My heart is weak. Yesterday a man overcome by evil killed scores with a truck in Nice, France. I’ve grown tired of being surprised, shocked, or acting as though the attack was unexpected. This is a sad reality of our world today. That a 24-hour news cycle hunts for tragedies affecting a group of people to grab daily attention, and that they have no trouble finding them.

bastille-day-eiffel-towerAs I stood watching the fireworks cascade off the Eiffel Tower last night for Bastille Day I was struck in a new way that I really live here. That the millions of people in Paris are closer to me now than the family I grew up with. I felt pride for the French, and love that I am here with them. I left the park with over a hundred thousand others making our way to the metro to head home. Once home we saw what happened in Nice and waited for more news to trickle in before heading to bed. [Read more…]


In Solidarity with Us


It’s almost incomprehensible that the cosmic God of all things could allow evil to be inflicted upon others. As bombs explode, buildings crumble, seas rush in, or bullets tear through streets we ask questions of a God who seems disinterested and distant. We’ve been told that we’re exceptional in Gods eyes and have taken this to mean that evil will pass us over, but we know it does not.

Darkness marches forward violently confronting light everywhere. [Read more…]


Whenever SNL does a short it is going to be over the top satire. That is their style, and they have done a really good job with it over the last couple years. Last weekend they unveiled a new short (embedded below) called Djesus Unchained. It showed a vengeful Jesus who has raised from the dead, killing as many romans as possible.

The humor here comes from how opposite this stands from the peaceful and non-violent image the gospels give us, right up to his death. The most powerful image for be took place in the garden when Peter cut the ear off the solider, and Jesus healed the main to, in my understanding, get peter off the hook for his brash action.

Yet in this short, I see so much of what many of my Christian peers believe Jesus will be like when he returns. A man who is vengeful  and full of blood lust. In this short it is easy to see how out of character it would be for God to act this way, and how it goes against so much of his own teaching.

Take 2 minutes to watch the short, and let me know what your thinking in the comments.


Of Course they will judge You

Before we divulge or reveal something which pulses anxiety through our system we often prefixed by saying “Don’t judge me…” It’s interesting how quickly we devalue the other. Almost as if we assume they wouldn’t care to know us, so we do not even give them the opportunity to ask why we are quirky and believe something culturally unacceptable.

Instead we might say “Don’t hold it against me.” It implies that we expect the relationship to continue, to go deeper, and further. It acts almost as an invitation into my life to understand why I believe something you might have objection to. Often I think we really don’t want the discourse, and passively push others away because being well known is too hard – and far too risky.

This is exactly where intimate community and transformation begin.

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography