In Solidarity with Us


It’s almost incomprehensible that the cosmic God of all things could allow evil to be inflicted upon others. As bombs explode, buildings crumble, seas rush in, or bullets tear through streets we ask questions of a God who seems disinterested and distant. We’ve been told that we’re exceptional in Gods eyes and have taken this to mean that evil will pass us over, but we know it does not.

Darkness marches forward violently confronting light everywhere. Here it is helpful to remember that this same God who encompasses all things is present in every moment and fills every space. Every bullet tears through him as well. Our God is not somewhere else helplessly watching events unfold. He is present with a grace and love greater than we can experience as the walls of life tumble in and extinguish it.

This same Jesus is the one who was there before time existed and came to earth to endure death. This is an ultimate act of solidarity with each of us. He understands what all humanity will experience – without exception. He knows what happens when your life leaves with your last breath.

Yet light overpowers darkness. Even as two people caused mayhem, hundreds of others rushed to help. All is not lost. Hope is not failing. It turns out Jesus is exactly where we believe he isn’t, doing everything we never expected him to do.

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