Paris Liberated 78 Years Ago Today

78 years ago today, Paris was liberated from the Nazi fascists who had spent four years occupying, murdering, and oppressing the people of this city.

Political ideologies that wield violence as power must be resisted and condemned. The willingness of the French to round up and ship to concentration/death camps those the Nazis found undesirable did not spare them.

In our contemporary world it is again the far-right in France, the US, and other western nations which are giving into these violent people and their exactingly narrow exclusionary civic understandings. Understandings which can only described as hateful, imperial, supremacist, and vile.

May we instead choose the path of love, respect, support, inclusion, and hope. We are better when we find ways to bring down those from their heights to life up those in need.

May we stand together oppressed against the oppressors.

May we not forget how the complicit and passive populace allowed the mechanized hatred of the Nazi regime to reach such vile heights.

To those who love violence in the hidden parts of their hearts – this may sound like foolishness. Yet, true power comes not from violence, but from the consent of all people. May we actively resist the nationalist, fascists, and despots with non-violence, peace, and hope.

78 years ago today, Paris was freed from fascism.

78 years later, fascism is again taking hold in the west.

Lord have Mercy on all people. #LiberationDeParis

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