The Life of my Discontent

Life of my Discontent

Hope is contingent on discontentment. Though every aspect of life attempts to content me. Telling me that if I just do X, achieve Y or buy Z then some/all of that discontent will be taken away. But what if we were called to live into our discontentment so that we might long for an audacious hope beyond reason, means, or reality.

To look back upon the gospels and realize that Jesus had the ability and means to render any outcome possible in any situation yet almost never did so. He preferred to allow people a glimpse of heaven breaking in and gave them a choice. To ruin your life with the hope that heaven will break into our midst but once more, or to seek contentment in the XYZ’s of life. To be ruined is irreversible, and places hope along side discontentment in the core of my spirit.

Have you been ruined for the next glimpse of heaven and the kingdom being made real before your eyes?

Photo Credit: steveberardi

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